What the fuck …

When I set boundaries people leave, I know, I know… then they weren’t meant to be in my life.

When I set boundaries people say I’m bitter or have a chip on my shoulder.

If I set rules, I’m stubborn or inflexible. If I ever make demands then I’m needy and unable to stand on my own.

So if I just give everything of myself, sacrifice everything I am, then they’ll be good to me. But no, they wont, they will take advantage.

Don’t give up yourself… but if you don’t bend, fold and give up you must be a bitch.

I have never been a priority in anyone’s life.

I write shit and I backspace it out because it sounds like I’m feeling sorry for myself. I’m not feeling sorry for myself I’m fucking sad.

I’m not a victim, I don’t want to be a victim. If I was a victim I’d just give up, I’d be dead.

The world tells me to be one way, then tells me it’s wrong. The world tells me to be another way, then tells me I’m wrong. Fuck you world.