My people

I met my husband in 1987. We moved to another state and lived together in 1988, then got married in 1989. He is three years older than I am.

First born – daughter 1994  – my girl. I was 24 when my daughter was born. I loved being pregnant. I loved everything about being pregnant and was so excited to see all the changes in my body. I couldn’t wait to meet my baby. I decorated the room in teddy bears, my favorite thing at the time. I had no idea if I was having a boy or girl. My due date came and went. I was mowing the yard at two weeks over due. Finally we made plans to induce, my mom came up. We check into the hospital on a friday, by Saturday evening all efforts were for nothing. We moved to C-section. My beautiful little girl was born on March 19th at 7:05 pm (this time frame became a debated issue for years) My mom stayed over night with me to help. My mom stayed with me for the first two weeks of my baby girl’s life. Having my mom there made everything so much easier. When my mom went home I didn’t think I could cope, but we survived. My baby and me. She’s had a harder than average life, but I believe she will be more than ok.

Second born – son 2000 – my boy. My son was a planned c-section. My mom came up again.  We checked into the hospital on a friday. My daughter and my mom waited in the waiting room for this little baby to be born. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl and before you know it, this little boy was born. March 3rd (two weeks early) at 4:35pm. My mom again stayed with me at the hospital, while my husband and daughter went home. My mom stayed with us for two weeks to help me adjust to having two children. Mom and I took my daughter to school on Monday because she just had to show off her new brother. My son is a tough cookie with a soft middle.

My children are my blessings, my reasons for living and my greatest achievement in life. I wouldn’t be alive today were it not for them. Blessed.