Just like you

Everywhere I look I see touches of you. There are parts of you in every room of my house and parts of me in the rooms of your house. We were so interconnected, so alike, you and I. I told her one night recently that I was so much like her, she said, “I know I’m sorry about that.” Nope, I’m glad I’m like you, cause you’re amazing. Knowing how much she missed my dad and imagining how much he missed her, I hope there is heaven and they’re together.

Five days

It has only been 5 days, but it feels like forever. I keep thinking who can I turn to, but the only answer is my mom. I think who can fix this, but the only answer is my mom. I told her I’d be ok and she could rest but I didn’t really mean it. Last night the image of her at the time of her death flashed into my mind and it felt like someone punched me in the chest. I hurt so much, I just want her back. She’s all I had left, she was a part of me…

Funeral Home

Did the funeral home thing. Signed mom’s life away. Such a scam that business. Original quote 3650, actual price 6750. There will still be other costs too. Mom would be upset. Her friends keep calling me, its nice but not. Picked out flowers but went to the wrong place so I’ll do that again tomorrow. Asked family to post pictures or share some have. I’m jealous of the ones with weddings and graduations that we’ll not have. I’m feeling pushed out, I don’t know why. I didn’t cry today. I miss her, so very much. I don’t want people touching or taking her stuff, silly.

Physical Pain

I can’t, I just can’t. The pain is so intense. She was my very best friend. I had lost her, the real her a couple of years ago but losing all of her is killing me. I just want to go to her house and see her sitting there and being so happy to see me. My siblings hurt and I don’t want to take that away from them but they don’t, they cant hurt the same as I hurt. She was part of me, she became my child. I lived for her. I know I’ve got my kids, my husband and my dogs but I feel like I’ve got nothing left.

She’s gone

My momma is gone. My very bestest momma, my very bestest friend, has gone to meet my daddy and all the rest of those she loves and misses. I can’t believe she’s gone. I miss her already so very much.

This can’t be happening.

1:55am I need sleep, more than 30 minutes to an hour sleep and somewhere other than a recliner or the floor. My people are helpful but not enough. I’m tired.

4:45am – Ashlee and Antone sat with mom, I slept for a while, next to her, Then she started getting sick. Weird kind of sick…

10:05 am – the nurse was here. She asked if I had read this page.

This can’t be real. She’s going to get better.


Today is my brothers birthday…


7:20 pm – Mom was able to see her kids today, through Skype or in person. I believe it brought her peace. I hope my dad is with her now and he will be helping her cross into heaven soon so they can be together again. She’s been my best friend and I’ll miss her every day. I love you forever momma

8:30 pm – She took a pause in her breathing, she said, “is that how you do it? Am I gone? Honey, you’ve got to call an official.” Earlier she told Ashlee she better get the law out here because she didn’t want us getting blamed.


11:25 pm¬†This is torture, I don’t want to let her go. I know I have to, I want her suffering to end, I know she’s tired but she’s MINE and I still NEED her. She sleeping, I should be too but the tears just run. I can’t… it is too much



My silly mom

8:30 pm – Tonight as I was walking my mom from the walker to the bed she said “you think you’re so smart don’t you? ” I didn’t respond. She smiled and said, “cause you’re taller than me.” She’s still cute.


11:35 am –¬†Yesterday horrible, today not much better. Saw nurse twice yesterday and so far twice today. She’s in and out, here and not. It’s not looking good